In 2012 I completed a RHS Get Smarter course in fiction writing. Since then I have been working on a Thriller series. The first two books: The Blood Dust Blowers, and Blood Bond, are complete, with Blood Trail, the third instalment, soon to be in progress.

Over the past year or two, (of getting older!) the race pace of Thrillers submitted to a calm resolve of rhythm and rhyme; as my heart became ever more deeply steeped in poetry, both short and long-form, as well as Japanese style Haiku, of which I am particularly fond.

Inexplicably, it is easier for me to pen a novel than a short story, so I don’t have too many of those floating about. When it comes to my thoughts on important things, not much can shut me up, and my short essays on every topic imaginable, from politics, religion and mysticism, to business, star wars and alien invasions, as well as the merits of heavy metal as a modern interpretation of classical music, can be found all over the show before my initials; most often, these days, on Twitter. (I deleted my Facebook and Google+ accounts, I’m afraid. Creepy joints.)

So, I am also currently drafting a poetry and prose volume, Dancing Alone: sing-along nights with Johnny & Lenny, which I hope to have finalised towards the second half of 2019.

My professional background is in business and tech, specialising in digital, as well as management consulting; focusing on business re-engineering, change management training and revenue growth strategies. If you’re interested in talking to me about some fairy dust for your business, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn.

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